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Lifestyle for Your “You Only Live Once” Concern

November 23, 2015

Healthy life style is no longer a choice. Today, it becomes a requirement if we want to live longer and without a serious disease. Heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer and other deadly disease are always a threat for us who live unhealthy lifestyle. You can choose easy healthy lifestyles. Healthy lifestyle consists of three mains things to do: proper nutrition intake, regular exercise, and good stress management.

Proper nutrition intake has three principal points. First, you need to meet your daily nutrition demand. Not eating a certain nutrient is a wrong choice. You also need to maintain the balance of what you are eating. Eating one nutrient for an inappropriate amount will give you some side effect. The last is you need to watch your daily calorie intake. Consuming more vegetable and fruits will allow you to get more fiber which will make you feel full longer. The second point is regular exercise. At least, you need to exercise 30 minutes a day. For people who are obese, the daily exercise can be increased into 60-90 minutes. Besides burning body fat, exercising in form of cardio can maintain your lungs and heart function always at a good condition. The last is good stress management.

Living in todays world will likely to give us more stress. Thus, to minimize the stress we get, there are some ways to overcome it. Learning how to meditate can help us relaxing ourselves. Adjust your time so you can get enough time to rest, socialize, do sport, and go on vacation. The last is to control your negative thought in some circumstance.

Those are the example how you can get your healthy lifestyle. It looks simple lifestyle to do. However, you need to really commit yourself to do it. That is necessary as you are trying to enjoy living “you only live once” the right way: that is living healthy.